from by Real Boys



kim takes a number
alone at a table made for two
gold sparkled silver
they danced in the halls before they cover you

did you take the covenant to show you were made new?
please please please dont try to please me anymore...

out of love, with something you touch
taking voices turn to whispers
used to be fun, i seen what youve done
telling me i was mistaken

kim takes a crucifix an hides it in the drawer
it takes a man of God to understand what for
did you take your clothes off just to stop the questioning?
I saw your eyes turn black when you moved through the bed sheets


from Real Boys, released March 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Real Boys Colorado

Lo-Fi, 4 track, bedroom, ear snax.

I wrote these songs last year and finally comitted to record them on a 4 track cassette recorder. drum machine, bass, guitar, and vocals.

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